Live It Out Photo


“I was immediately drawn to Amber during our photographer vendor hunt; and it wasn't just because we are both Crazy Cat Ladies. My husband I struggled to find wedding photographers in DC with a non-cheesy, artistic and authentic aesthetic. That's why we were so drawn to Amber and Jon - who are not only artists but are also the friendliest people. They were easy to talk to and confide in, even when I'd get all nervous and bride-brained and freak Amber out in the middle of the night with my ramblings and my lists. They understood the concept of our wedding, heard our concerns and were along for the whole ride.

It's worth noting that my parents and in-laws are all very traditional when it comes to weddings. So they were a bit nervous about our decision to hire a photographer with a more photojournalistic style. But once our families saw the photos, they were stunned by how beautiful and raw and emotive they were - how US they were.

Amber captured amazing moments from our outdoor, spring wedding. She has quite the eye for composition and color, and finds these authentic moments that cannot be recreated and totally unique to YOUR wedding. She really found the essence of our specific wedding.”