Live It Out Photo



I could stop there because Amber and Jon really are the best but I'll go on so you can get a better sense of it. My husband and I had a semi-casual, low-budget evening wedding party but having beautiful photographs of it was super important to us so we bit the bullet to hire a professional and I am SO glad we did.

We're both artists/designers, so naturally we are very particular not only about the quality of the actual photographs but the composition and moments captured. After some searching online, Amber's photos immediately jumped out at us - it was exactly what we wanted stylistically. Then, after reaching out to her we knew it was the perfect fit in terms of personality and interests. After a few exchanges of cat pictures and cute animal videos, we were on for planning the event.

Amber and Jon did an amazing job at making us feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera, even during shots that required a bit of PDA. They were also very patient & understanding of my contradictory requests for semi-formal family shots and more emotive, candid images of the event itself. My husband's family is very "by-the-book" on how weddings should run and be photographed. As a compromise with them, we agreed to do family portraits. Amber and Jon were super-ninjas assembling our families together and even managed to wrangle the entire Korean side of the family in one insane picture.

Amber did an AMAZING job at capturing a ton of beautiful and fun moments that night. I should mention we did the ceremony, pot-luck dinner, and dance party all in one room in a span of 5ish hours and they captured it ALL. And, beautifully!”