Live It Out Photo


“Working with Jon and Amber was an absolute pleasure. I wouldn't have changed the experience for the world! Thankfully we booked them a year in advance and they were able to come all the way to the French countryside to shoot our wedding! I probably would have changed the date of my wedding if they couldn't have come that weekend. I really wouldn't have hired anyone else.

I was so happy to have such a wonderful couple working together to make our wedding perfect. The language barrier with my husband and his family was not a problem at all, Amber even brushed up on her French before coming! All of our guests (French, American, friends and family) were thrilled to have such a happy and upbeat couple photographing them. We love every shot they took!

We are very much looking forward to creating our wedding album and to having some of the shots blown up to dress up our apartment!

I hope to see them again soon so we can make plans to photograph our little one (due for April!) and so many of the other important events that will happen in the years to come! This was just the beginning.”