Live It Out Photo


"Amber and her husband, Jon, team up to form Live It Out Photography: the most amazing, whole-package photography team any bride could ask for.

I was lucky to be referred to Amber early in my vendor search - and she turned out to be, no joke, the best thing to happen to my life next to getting engaged. Not only is she an absolutely incredible photographer, with fresh and creative ideas, she is one of the most genuinely caring and sincere individuals I have ever met in my life. She makes it her absolute mission to strive to make your photography sessions 100% you and 100% perfect.

Never in my life have I felt so comfortable in front of a camera. Amber and Jon work tirelessly to make you feel completely at ease and entirely satisfied with your shoots.

All this, and I haven't even begun to describe what it feels like to see Amber's pictures of you and your loved ones after the shoot. I have never in my life felt so naturally beautiful. However, Amber is able to capture more than just beauty, her talents allow her camera to capture complete emotions, and raw feelings of pure joy and love.

Her pictures have allowed me to be featured on some awesome wedding blogs - and have had our entire extended family and friends say that we look like Hollywood celebrities on a movie set - I don't think everyone can say that.

Your wedding day flies by - but hiring Amber and Jon will allow you to relieve every shot, every feeling, every memory throughout the course of your engagement and wedding for many years to come.

I could write a novel about how amazing they are, but I will attempt to stop...don't settle for the humdrum photographer that takes the same 50 posed pictures of all his/her clients. You and your fiance are unique, your relationship is YOURS, and your photographs should reflect that. You deserve the best, and Live It Out is the best.”