Live It Out Photo


"As a professional photographer, it was a BIG DEAL to choose my wedding photographer. I wanted something really unique, and as soon as I was introduced to Amber’s work I knew I had found someone really special. I looked into plenty of photographers, but none of them wowed me with their seemed very cold, like it was all business. From Amber's first reply, I got this warm-fuzzy feeling which totally sealed the deal for me. She's quirky and cute and enthusiastic and GENUINE. You really need to think about the people who will surround you on your wedding'll want to at least like them! We LOVED having Amber and Jon there for our wedding weekend. They were positive and helpful and we felt so comfortable with them.

After the sun set and the cameras were put away, Amber and Jon danced the night away with us...on an outdoor dance floor in the rain! It was the best memory. As for the photos....I cherish them. It was everything I wanted and then some. My only complaint is that we couldn't convince them to move to Michigan!"