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"As a professional photographer, it was a BIG DEAL to choose my wedding photographer. I wanted something really unique, and as soon as I was introduced to Amber’s work I knew I had found someone really special. I looked into plenty of photographers, but none of them wowed me with their seemed very cold, like it was all business. From Amber's first reply, I got this warm-fuzzy feeling which totally sealed the deal for me. She's quirky and cute and enthusiastic and GENUINE. You really need to think about the people who will surround you on your wedding'll want to at least like them! We LOVED having Amber and Jon there for our wedding weekend. They were positive and helpful and we felt so comfortable with them.

After the sun set and the cameras were put away, Amber and Jon danced the night away with us...on an outdoor dance floor in the rain! It was the best memory. As for the photos....I cherish them. It was everything I wanted and then some. My only complaint is that we couldn't convince them to move to Michigan!"


“Amber and her husband Jon team up to form Live It Out Photography, the most amazing, whole-package photography team any bride could ask for.

I was lucky to be referred to Amber early in my vendor search - and she turned out to be, no joke, the best thing to happen to my life next to getting engaged. Not only is she an absolutely incredible photographer, with fresh and creative ideas, she is one of the most genuinely caring and sincere individuals I have ever met in my life. She makes it her absolute mission to strive to make your photography sessions 100% you and 100% perfect.

Never in my life have I felt so comfortable in front of a camera. Amber and Jon work tirelessly to make you feel completely at ease and entirely satisfied with your shoots.

All this, and I haven't even begun to describe what it feels like to see Amber's pictures of you and your loved ones after the shoot. I have never in my life felt so naturally beautiful. However, Amber is able to capture more than just beauty, her talents allow her camera to capture complete emotions, and raw feelings of pure joy and love.

Her pictures have allowed me to be featured on some awesome wedding blogs - and have had our entire extended family and friends say that we look like Hollywood celebrities on a movie set - I don't think everyone can say that.

Your wedding day flies by - but hiring Amber and Jon will allow you to relieve every shot, every feeling, every memory throughout the course of your engagement and wedding for many years to come.

I could write a novel about how amazing they are, but I will attempt to stop...don't settle for the humdrum photographer that takes the same 50 posed pictures of all his/her clients. You and your fiance are unique, your relationship is YOURS, and your photographs should reflect that. You deserve the best, and Live It Out is the best.”


“Jon and Amber came down a month before our wedding to do an engagement shoot and it was like finding our long lost best friends. Jon and my husband clicked in an instant which was awesome since photo shoots are always so awkward for guys. It was a great icebreaker for the big day.

On the day of our wedding I was so happy when Jon and Amber arrived. It was like having my best friend with me while I was getting ready. Amber kept me calm and collected while Jon kept my Dad and brother busy (which was perfect since it took 2 hours to get our make up done!) During the ceremony Amber was like a little mouse sneaking around to get the right shots while not distracting any of our guests. We had so much fun with them the entire day they ended up staying to dance the night away with us, it was the perfect ending the the most perfect day.

Overall the whole day was amazing and I'm so glad we were able to capture it just the way we wanted to. Amber is such a talented photographer and listens to all your needs to make sure you're getting everything you want without having to worry about a thing! We kept in contact with Jon and Amber after the wedding and are proud to call them great friends!”


“Working with Jon and Amber was an absolute pleasure. I wouldn't have changed the experience for the world! Thankfully we booked them a year in advance and they were able to come all the way to the French countryside to shoot our wedding! I probably would have changed the date of my wedding if they couldn't have come that weekend.I really wouldn't have hired anyone else.

I was so happy to have such a wonderful couple working together to make our wedding perfect. The language barrier with my husband and his family was not a problem at all, Amber even brushed up on her French before coming! All of our guests (French, American, friends and family) were thrilled to have such a happy and upbeat couple photographing them.

We love every shot they took! We are very much looking forward to creating our wedding album and to having some of the shots blown up to dress up our apartment!

I hope to see them again soon so we can make plans to photograph our little one (due for April!) and so many of the other important events that will happen in the years to come! This was just the beginning.”


“I seriously can not even begin to tell you what an amazing job Amber and Jon did for me and my husband. I always sound so cheesy when I talk about them but I was beyond impressed with their professional/laid-back personalities, we had 4 guests at our wedding including them and even though we had never met it felt so special to have them there at our wedding, never mind that they are so talented! When we got out photos back my husband and I spent hours looking through them and they were more than we could have expected. Amber has this amazing eye to make everything soft and romantic, perfect for a wedding.

I will be suggesting them to anyone and everyone who needs a photographer. We truly love Amber and Jon and feel so blessed to have our little wedding captured in such a unique, timeless, and beautiful way!”


“Funny story - we were not originally planning to hire a wedding photographer. Instead, we wanted to take an engagement session so that we would have some nice photos. We found Live It Out Photo through a blog post on a wedding community, and since we liked their style we asked if they could take a photo shoot for us.

When we met Amber we felt like we had found an old friend. Amber made us feel very comfortable and relaxed throughout the shoot, even though public displays of affection usually aren't our thing.

After we had so much fun with the engagement shoot, we knew we had to hire Live It Out Photo again for our wedding! On the big day, Amber and John created many interesting shots that perfectly captured our event with a real sense of warmth and fun. Plus, they made my family look photogenic! That never usually happens.

Live It Out Photo's work is amazing, and their photos have a great, timeless quality. I'm glad that we decided to hire them as our photographers for our wedding.”


“These guys are absolutely amazing! Jon and Amber are amazing fun yet the most professional people in the business. We loved their non-traditional attitude yet they were very good with taking all of our requests. Not to mention they traveled all the way to Scotland to photograph our wedding! These guys are literally the best in the world at what they do, well done Amber and Jon! Thank you so much!”



I could stop there because Amber and Jon really are the best but I'll go on so you can get a better sense of it. My husb and I had a semi-casual, low-budget evening wedding party but having beautiful photographs of it was super important to us so we bit the bullet to hire a professional and I am SO glad we did.

We're both artists/designers, so naturally we are very particular not only about the quality of the actual photographs but the composition and moments captured. After some searching online, Amber's photos immediately jumped out at us - it was exactly what we wanted stylistically. Then, after reaching out to her we knew it was the perfect fit in terms of personality and interests. After a few exchanges of cat pictures and cute animal videos, we were on for planning the event.

Amber and Jon did an amazing job at making us feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera, even during shots that required a bit of PDA. They were also very patient & understanding of my contradictory requests for semi-formal family shots and more emotive, candid images of the event itself. My husb's family is very "by-the-book" on how weddings should run and be photographed. As a compromise with them, we agreed to do family portraits. Amber + Jon were super-ninjas assembling our families together and even managed to wrangle the entire Korean side of the family in one insane picture.

Amber did an AMAZING job at capturing a ton of beautiful and fun moments that night. I should mention we did the ceremony, pot-luck dinner, and dance party all in one room in a span of 5ish hours and they captured it ALL. And, beautifully!”


“I was immediately drawn to Amber during our photographer vendor hunt; and it wasn't just because we are both Crazy Cat Ladies. My husband I struggled to find wedding photographers in DC with a non-cheesy, artistic and authentic aesthetic. That's why we were so drawn to Amber and Jon--who are not only artists but are also the friendliest people. They were easy to talk to and confide in, even when I'd get all nervous and bride-brained and freak Amber out in the middle of the night with my ramblings and my lists. They understood the concept of our wedding, heard our concerns and were along for the whole ride.

It's worth noting that my parents and in-laws are all very traditional when it comes to weddings. So they were a bit nervous about our decision to hire a photographer with a more photojournalistic style. But once our families saw the photos, they were stunned by how beautiful and raw and emotive they were - how US they were.

Amber captured amazing moments from our outdoor, spring wedding. She has quite the eye for composition and color, and finds these authentic moments that cannot be recreated and totally unique to YOUR wedding. She really found the essence of our specific wedding.”


“I cannot say enough about Live It Out Photography. Amber and Jon are so wonderful to work with. We felt so at ease and comfortable with them and had such a great time on the shoot. Their work is so unique and out-of-this-world creative.

My husband and I eloped to New York City on New Years Day, so we had an engagement-style shoot when we got back. The result was everything I had hoped for...the photographs themselves don't just capture us as a couple, but they are actual beautiful works of art as well. I highly recommend Live It Out Photography and their inspiring artwork.”