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10 Best Trail Cameras Under $50 (2022)

    Best Trail Cameras Under $50

    Trail cameras are special types of cameras that can be installed by photographers in remote areas or those that may become inaccessible during some times of the year, say for example in winters.

    Since the photographer himself cannot be there to snap the shutter in person, the trail camera gives him the luxury of doing that for him while he may sit home and relax by the cozy fireplace.

    Known by multiple other names, like remote cameras, scout cameras, or even game cameras, these are invaluable to those who research wildlife and those who enjoy watching them as it simply allows them to see what an animal is up to when humans are not around.

    Researchers have been able to study animal behavior, method, and techniques of hunting prey, seasons and cycles of mating, and their general way of life. This has also been broadcasted to the general public through renowned channels like “National Geographic” and “Animal Planet” for those who may take an interest and liking to how these marvelous creatures live.

    Besides research, game cameras have other important uses like aid in hunting or scouting animals or even a budget-friendly alternative for home security! When used in the wild, the trail camera may be mounted onto a tree or any other tall support.

    When the animal in question comes into proximity, its movement triggers the motion sensors in the camera to start taking photos or videos. This allows us to observe the rarest and easily frightened animals like the majestic deer in its own habitat and even saves us from the hassle of waiting hours in the tall grass with the most expensive telephoto lens for a glimpse of an animal that may or may not come.

    As home security goes, game cameras are an excellent option for indoors and outdoors security, as long as you only want to capture the actions of trespassers on your turf. Since these are designed to withstand outdoor use, they make a particularly good alternative for outdoor security.

    These can be wired to your phone to alert or show you any suspicious movements that may be detected. The videos are also time-stamped, meaning you will also be able to know what time of the day the particular activity occurred.

    List of Best Trail Cameras Under $50

    Image Product Purpose Price
    backpac HAWKRAY Mini trail Camera-M2 Best Trail Camera On a Budget Check Price
    backpac OUDMON Trail game camera OM550 Best Trail Camera For Night Pictures Check Price
    backpac WOSADA Trail camera, LY-123 Best Game Camera Under $50 Check Price
    backpac Wosports Mini Trail Camera G100 Best Trail Camera For Hunting Check Price
    backpac Wosports Mini Trail Camera LY 121 Best Trail Camera For Wildlife Check Price
    backpac WiMiUS H7 Trail camera 2021 Upgraded Best Trail Camera For Deer Hunting Check Price
    backpac KINGCO 20MP Trail Camera Best Trail Camera Under $50 Check Price
    backpac Olymbros Trail Game Deer Camera Best No Glow Trail Cameras Check Price
    backpac LByzHan Trail Game Camera Best Value Trail Camera Check Price
    backpac Bushnell Trophy Trail Camera 20MP Best Trail Camera Under 100 Check Price

    1. HAWKRAY Mini trail Camera-M2

    • FULL HD 1080P & 20MP

    This best-selling, mini piece from Hawkray comes with dimensions of 9cm x 11cm x 4.5cm and certainly packs a punch despite its deceiving size.

    The sensitive IR Sensor can detect up to 65ft wide and has a 120-degree wide-angle detection range, both allowing you not to miss out on any movements and capture beautiful pictures over a larger range of view.

    With 1080p HD video and its remarkable 0.2s lightning trigger speed, it is rare for you to miss out on any movements in its vicinity.

    The impressive quality of 20mp allows beautiful pictures regardless of day or night, ensuring even the minor details so you may enjoy the animal kingdom as if you were immersed in it. Armed with 22PCS infrared LEDs, you can capture movements at night richly.

    The non-luminous LED and ultra-concealed camouflage appearance allow it to blend with the environment and prevent any animal or intruder from noticing it. Its small size allows it to be hidden easily.

    The camera needs only 4 batteries compared to 8 to be functional and also comes with solar panel support for long exposures. The camera also has an IP65 waterproof design with a waterproof silicone ring and plastic casing to ensure quality even in the rainiest seasons.


    • Audio recordings available
    • Adequate and reliable plastic housing
    • Viewscreen at the back to review contents of SD card


    • Few reports of camera malfunction but each has been replaced by the seller

    2. OUDMON Trail game camera OM550

    81HHvUHeKFL. AC SX466
    • 2.4inches LCD
    • No False Triggers
    • Easy to Install and Use
    • Record Video with Sound
    • Easy to Hide When Used Outdoors

    This brilliant camera from OUDMON is certainly worth its value. It captures high-quality images with its 16-megapixel camera quality and displays these in 1080p to ensure no detail is left behind.

    High-resolution and vividly colored images are taken in the daytime well as luminescent black and white ones at night. The 30 FPS video with sound recording gives quality assurance for any captured video.

    The IP67 waterproof casing protects it from rain and dust damage in the toughest environments and is easy to install with the available mounting strap.

    The game camera also has a unique feature of time-lapse recording, which is crucial for observing cold-blooded animals, or the growing phenomenon of plants, flowers, or even birds building their nests. The 2.4” colored LCD Screen is handy for setup and constantly viewing content.

    The camera is sensitive with 0.3s fast trigger speed, ensuring no movement is left undetected and has a massive maximum range of 90ft with a detection angle of 55 degrees. The 48pcs 940 no glow infra LEDS leave it undetected at nighttime and capable of catching movements in the darkest nights.

    The multiple accessories make this trail camera equally par and excellent for indoor or outdoor activities, whether they may be in the wild or in your very own backyard.


    • User-friendly menu
    • USB Cable included
    • Password protected
    • IR undetected at night
    • Easy access and instructions available


    • No SD card
    • 8 batteries are required
    • Comparatively low battery life

    3. WOSADA Trail camera, LY-123

    71scj6I7YWL. AC SX466
    • Lightning Trigger
    • More Excellent Features
    • Waterproof Sturdy Device
    • Low-Glow PIR Technology
    • High-Quality Photos & Videos

    The WOSADA Camera promises and delivers high-quality photos and images which is evident from its 16 Megapixel camera and 1080p display quality.

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    Colorful and crystal-clear media can be observed in the daytime and wonderful black and white images at night, making this a must-have for observing creatures out in the wild as well as a home surveillance system for your house and its well-being.

    Its lightning trigger, 0.3 to 1s is sure to capture many movements and gives quality for its low price. It is also equipped with an automatic IR Filter, 25pcs 850nm infrared low glow LEDs which have a 65ft flash range and do not disturb any animals out in the darkness.

    The IP54 waterproof label ensures resistance to rain, dust, and degradation in rough environments. The camera also has brilliant recording modes, some optimum for observing cold-blooded animals, reptiles, or amphibians in their habitat.

    They are also optimized to save power and SD Card storage. The captured media can be viewed from the comfort of your home, through your phone or laptop electronic devices.


    • Easy setup of LCD
    • Easy and user-friendly instructions
    • Reliable battery and working time
    • Great video quality for a low price


    • Batteries not included
    • The camera mount may be difficult to adjust

    4. Wosports Mini Trail Camera G100

    81FpDYWG1cL. AC SX466
    • Mini Trail Camera
    • A reliable Handy Security Camera
    • Full HD 1080P Video & 16MP Photo
    • 4pcs batteries & Low Power Consumption
    • Easy to Operate & Installation & Reliable Service

    This small and portable camera by Wosports comes with dimensions 102 by 101 by 63 millimeters, making it easy to carry and not easy to be found by targets, a feature that is also aided by its 17pcs low-glow LEDs at night.

    This also allows it to be placed in small areas or holes, making it essential for observing animals and may be sensitive to changes to the environment.

    Its high-quality 16-megapixel camera, built-in with an automatic IR filter, allows detailed, colorful, and vibrant images at day and clearly distinguishable black and white ones at night, also made easier with its HD 1080P videos.

    Also needing only 4 batteries and having an extended use time thanks to its low power consummation, this camera makes a perfect handy tool to carry with you for your next camping or hunting trip as well as for observing plants or monitoring your home security.


    • Good media quality
    • Great value for money
    • Exceptional customer service
    • Easy to set up with clear instructions


    • Max 32GB SD Card supported
    • Default max video size is ten seconds

    5. Wosports Mini Trail Camera LY 121

    71euI9 pUDL. AC SX466
    • Faster Trigger Speed
    • Easy to Hide Mini Trail Camera
    • High-Resolution Photos and Videos
    • Latest Design, Private Mode and Warranty
    • Easy to Operate and A Variety of Applications

    This “small and exquisite” camera from wosports prides itself on being much tinier in weight and size than its competition.

    Its small dimensions do not hold it back from any of its advanced functions as the trail camera promises and certainly delivers stunning imagery even in the darkest nights with its enhanced night vision system, also ensuring that no movement is left undetected by taking three photos per second thanks to its fast PIR motion sensor with a trigger time of 0.3 to 0.6 seconds.

    The scouting camera also has a detection range of up to 65 feet with adjustable sensitivity.

    The game camera is easy to install and use whether for indoor security or outside in the wild for scouting animals or keeping your property secure.

    The motion sensor is activated and fast, making ten-second videos every time it is triggered, also allowing you to set the directions of starting capture 3 seconds to 3 minutes after the stimulus.


    • Great value for money
    • Simple instructions and easy to use
    • Great video and photo quality even at night
    • 4AA batteries used to give great value to the battery


    • No solar support
    • No option for adjusting video quality.

    6. WiMiUS H7 Trail camera 2021 Upgraded

    71fk68109GL. AC SS450
    • IP66 Waterproof & Reliable
    • High Definition Resolution
    • Excellent Night Vision Mode
    • Amazing Faster 0.5s Trigger Speed
    • Easy to Operate & Installation & Reliable Service

    This brilliant trail camera from WiMiUS H-series has adopted the latest technology and is committed to creating the best game camera in the market.

    Armed with the advanced CMOS image sensor and unique optical lens, the game camera provides stunning 16-megapixel photos and high-quality 1080p videos, both of these are adjustable to your required needs.

    The media is vivacious at day and clear at night thanks to its 34pcs 850nm no-glow LEDs.

    The camera is also competent for the harshest of weather, with its IP66 Waterproof credibility, it is sure to be reliable and functions perfectly under severe conditions of rain, dust, or others for your applications that may include hunting, wildlife scouting, or security surveillance.

    The H7 game camera also has an upgraded shell to give protection from low temperatures or rough environments, both of these features allow it to withstand temperatures below -15 degrees Celsius.

    The camera can be configured to take photos upon motion sensing or every specific interval, making this ideal for observing plant or animal growth.

    The simple design only including four buttons makes this machine easy to operate and to optimize the various nighttime shooting, infrared sensing, and other technologies used to monitor optimally at night.

    The camera has a ridiculously fast trigger speed of fewer than 0.5 seconds, takes three consecutive shots, and provides a video with audio to give the perfect experience.


    • Handy mounting bracket available
    • Acclaimed best game camera for its price
    • Clear images, videos, and excellent night vision
    • Great customer service in case of a faulty machine


    • Has low light flash
    • Batteries and SD Card not included

    7. KINGCO 24MP Trail Camera

    81fm4gFmXIS. AC SS450
    • Wide Use
    • 24MP & 1080P
    • IP66 Waterproof
    • High Trigger Speed
    • 3 PIR & Night Vision

    The scouting camera comes with a very high output of 24 megapixels and 1080P resolution, which both combine to form amazingly bright photos and crystal-clear video with audio.

    Thanks to its automatic day and night sensor, you can closely observe and enjoy the beautiful habitat of wildlife and plants, in all its glory and detail.

    Joined with three passive infrared sensors, this trail camera delivers remarkable sensitivity and a 120° wide detecting range to ensure that any photo or video was taken will not miss the animal in the target. Its 850nm infrared technology delivers ultra-clear and thorough night vision.

    This game camera has an extremely fast trigger speed of 0.2 seconds, which assures every movement will be captured and presented. Very capable in harsh environments, its IP66 waterproof certification allows it to combat dust and rain with ease.

    Shooting modes like burst mode and time-lapse are supported. It is easy to use and mount supports 12V external solar power as well as AA Batteries.

    All given features make this game camera wonderful for scouting animals, observing and tracking, or even at home for security or to see who’s been stealing the tomatoes from your garden!

    8. Olymbros Trail Game Deer Camera

    81r1cqDWGCL. AC SX425
    • Incredible HD Images and Videos
    • Informative & User-Friendly Device
    • Detection Range & Lightning Triggers
    • Excellent Nighttime Capture Performance
    • Multifunction & Impressive Waterproof Design

    Thanks to its 16 MP High image resolution and 1080P High-Definition video with available sound function, the trail camera is able to give you beautiful and vibrant videos and photos that are sure to take your breath away with their intricate details.

    Prepared with a fully automatic IR filter and IR LEDs, the hunting camera does not produce any bright flash or light that might alert trespassers or targeted animals.

    Hence it does an excellent job in shooting during dark periods, providing clearer and high-definition pictures and videos for you to please all your cravings!

    Manufactured with three convenient detecting sensors, the game camera aids you with a 110° wide detection angle and a massive 65ft real detection range.

    Plus, its remarkable lightning 0.6 seconds trigger time ensures that it won’t slip out on any sensed movement assuring you the quality of surveillance.

    The camera can withstand long harsh conditions thanks to its sturdy design and IP65 waterproof verification. The device is simple to manage and takes merely 1 minute to set up. It can be mounted anywhere like on a ceiling or a tree, depending on what is needed.

    All captured media are stamped with information like moon phase, serial number, temperature (℃&℉), date/time, making this a valuable and convenient game camera.


    • 65ft infrared range
    • No glow in the night
    • Built-in 2.4” LCD screen
    • Adjustable trigger interval and time-lapse feature


    • Nighttime video quality is not as good as the competition

    9. LByzHan Trail Game Camera

    • IP67 Waterproof & Sturdy
    • 0.2S Rapid Trigger Speed
    • Multiple Use & Extra Bonus
    • 24MP Image + 1080P Video Resolution
    • Night Vision with 3 PIR & 120° Wide Angle Lens

    This trail camera is armed with a commendable 24-megapixel camera, and provides HD 1080P videos with impressive night vision, and is able to capture details in moonlight conditions with much ease.

    The images are always clear, never grainy or shaky. With its 0.2 seconds trigger speed, the game camera is sure to capture any detail over a wide range.

    Features like burst photos or time-lapse videos make the experience even greater for the photographer. It supports Night Vision with 3 PIR & 120° Wide Angle Lens.

    With this irresistible combination, you will never have a bad shot regardless of day or night, making this an excellent scouting camera for hunters, researchers, or for entertainment reasons and also serves just as well as a security camera.

    With its robust design and credible IP67 waterproof credibility, it is certainly a good choice for harsh environments.


    • 44pcs infrared LEDs (940nm)
    • 32GB Micro TF card for free
    • Adjustable photo and video qualities
    • Built-in TFT screen for viewing media


    • Difficult to set and adjust
    • No decisive instructions manual was given

    10. Bushnell Trophy Trail Camera 20MP

    A17XsJLHL7L. AC SY679
    • Night vision flash
    • Multi-Image mode
    • 0. 7 Second trigger speed
    • Capture images out far 24 hours day or night

    This trail camera belongs to a trusted line of trail cameras company from the United States, that has been serving nature and wildlife lovers for years. The features speak for themselves.

    It has a 20 MP camera, 720p High-Definition video available with Audio, 32 LED Night Vision flash, Vibrant Color, HD Image settings (3, 8, or 20MP), 0.7 Second trigger speed to ensure quick action upon stimulus, Temp Range (-5 F to 140 F) making it effective to withstand subzero conditions with maximum output, 8 AA Batteries required for power and an SD card supported up to 32 GB which is not included in the package.

    For ease and convenience, the camera has date stamping to precisely record dates, times, and temperatures so you can track the conditions in which the wildlife was living when it was present.

    Also has a programmable Trigger Interval, Multi-Image mode, Video Length or Resolution, and an Adjustable PIR system.


    • Includes adjustable web belt and clam buckle
    • ¼ to 20 sockets to use for deluxe tree bracket.


    • Trigger speed is slower than the competition

    Buying Guide

    So, with the wide variety of trail cameras on the market today, it is very important for us to look into particular features to ensure the scout camera you buy is indeed the one perfectly suited to your needs.

    • Video quality and quantity

    One that may seem obvious but is very important nonetheless is video quality and quantity. By quality, we refer to a trail camera that would give a clear picture, particularly at night. We would recommend at least one that supports 720p or more.

    As for quantity, many cameras are not capable of making videos. Some of those who are, however, can only record 10 to 100 seconds at a time. It is essential to look into a camera fit for your task and whether or not you would like video and audio both or even only one of each.

    • Infrared Flash Features

    Trail cameras with infrared flash features are must-haves in order to not alert any trespasser or animal in that area. Cameras that support low glow are also vital for hiding the game camera in plain sight at night to ensure it remains camouflaged and remains unnoticed by the target.

    • Motion sensor range and reach

    The range of its motion sensor should surely be considered as well. For security purposes, it is recommended to look into a camera that provides a range of at least 120 degrees when the back of the camera is mounted to a wall.

    For wildlife research, we look for a greater range so we may capture animals at a greater scope, or keep capturing as they move about. Also do consider the spread of the motion sensor, so that its influence reaches quite far and captures animals that may be further away from its vicinity.

    • Cell phone compatibility

    Cell phone compatibility is another important feature to consider for home security, so that the videos or photos may be directly sent to your mobile, in case you would like to monitor or keep a close eye on your property while you’re away on a trip or if you would like to catch a thief stealing from your beloved outdoor apple orchard.


    With all this information, picking out the perfect trail camera may seem like a daunting task. Especially with the specs in mind, the camera you may find could be quite expensive.

    Fear, not friends! We took the liberty of searching the vast internet and found only the best trail cameras, all reliable and under 50$! With our reviews, guidelines, as well as pros and cons of each trail camera, you will surely be left pleased with the one you picked. So, ladies and gentlemen! Let us not delay and get down to business right away!

    So, there we have it, folks! 10 great trail cameras at the palm of your hand for convenience and ease. Each trail camera comes with its own special features and promises quality performance.

    Be sure to select one devoted to your needs and enjoy the benefits, whether for researching, entertaining, or security purposes! All the best and happy hunting!

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