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Top 11 Best Cameras For Private Investigators (2022)

    Best Cameras For Private Investigators

    Private investigators are people that may be employed personally to investigate many cases that may range from personal, financial, or legal affairs.

    They are well known to work in offices at irregular hours, and when not there, they may be conducting interviews or surveillance about the matter at hand.

    They offer various services like confirming people’s statements or backgrounds, finding missing persons, or even investigating cyber or physical crimes.

    They can also be legally employed for the detection, prevention, or assessment of fraud, and in some cases, they may be used to find the required evidence that may help their client.

    This means being a private investigator is no easy task. This job may take you to dangerous situations or places you are not supposed to be. It requires quick thinking, vigilance, and care to ensure the necessary information is captured and preserved when the golden chance appears.

    Luckily for you, if you are looking forward to getting into the investigation business, we have listed the best cameras for private investigators below!

    With these valuable and useful items, and an intimidating long coat and private investigator hat, you will surely look the part as well as carry out any daunting task with much guts, courage, and ease!

    List of Best Cameras For Private Investigators

    Image Product Purpose Price
    backpac Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS Best Camera For Private Investigators  Check Price
    backpac  Portable Body Mounted Camcorder Best Budget Camera For Private Investigators  Check Price
    backpac Eholmful Body Camera   Best Cheap Camera For Private Investigators  Check Price
    backpac DIVINEEAGLE Spy Camera    Best Camera For Private Investigators Under $50 Check Price
    backpac  SIRIGAWAIN Mini Spy Camera Best Mini Spy Camera For Private Investigators  Check Price
    backpac  Kodak PIXPRO Digital Camera   Best Camera For Private Investigators Under $100  Check Price
    backpac  KSADBOSSBO Body Camera Best Affordable Camera For Private Investigators  Check Price
    backpac  Sheawasy Camera Glasses Best Glasses Camera For Private Investigators   Check Price
    backpac Lenofocus Mini Body Camera  Best Mini Body Camera For Private Investigators Check Price
    backpac SVWSUN Video Glasses  Best Glasses Wearable Camera For Private Investigators  Check Price
    backpac  Blurams 2K Security Camera Best Security Camera For Private Investigators Check Price

    1. Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS

    • Large 3.0 inch LCD
    • 12x Optical Zoom
    • Optical Image Stabilizer
    • Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC
    • 1080p HD video capabilities

    Presenting you with the Canon PowerShot, your investigation is sure to go smooth and stealthy. Consisting of a 12x Optical Zoom with Optical Image Stabilizer, you needn’t worry about blurry footage anymore.

    With much more stabilized and clearer recorded images, it is certain to give you an upper hand when it comes to inquiring about the doubtful.

    With an advantageous built-in Wi-Fi and near field communication connected to another device such as your phone, you can instantly access the Wi-Fi capability of the camera by simply touching an NFC-compatible smartphone to the camera, enjoying seamless communication between devices and untraceable movements.

    And that is not where we are stopping. With a 20.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor combined with the DIGIC 4+ Image Processor, this camera helps deliver stunning image quality, even in low light.

    Relieving your tensions about inquiring in late hours. Furthermore, contributing to its excellent image quality, it consists of 1080p HD video capabilities.

    Moreover, its large 3.0-inch LCD enables easy viewing even from a wide angle with increasing resolution, allowing you to receive footage at such a great caliber that it should be illegal. 


    • Consists of a low light mode
    • Favorable image stabilization
    • Easy to use with your compatible smartphone


    • Susceptible to water damage
    • Cannot connect to a PC

    2. Portable Body Mounted Camcorder

    61iOiuCIHHS. AC SS450
    • Internal 64GB Body Camera
    • Multi-function Body Worn Camera
    • Built-in Battery & DC 5V 1A Powered
    • 1920x1080P & Day and Night Body Camera

    A lightweight, wearable camera that is easy to carry around anywhere and everywhere ensures you 360° Rotation Clips which lets you be the eyes upon all corners of an area.

    This camera consists of ultra-clear sound recording, making sure that no noise is ever unattended. Furthermore, it provides you with the pleasure of high-quality vivid images both day and night. This camcorder is certain to have you satisfied with your search.

    Moreover, with an internal 64GB body camera, you can record footage for more than six hours with easy playback via any wired device and a large capacity battery, allowing you to investigate for longer periods without having to worry about battery depletion anytime soon.


    • Spacious
    • Sustainable Battery
    • Easy to use, lightweight
    • 1080p clear camera quality


    • Image quality is debatable
    • Connection issues with PCs and MacBooks

    3. Eholmful Body Camera

    61hr2kfu9DL. AC SS450
    • Come with USB Port
    • USB & Loop Recording
    • 140° Wide-angle, Loop Recording
    • High-quality images with FULL HD 1080P
    • Full HD Lens – Mini spy camera comes with 1080P resolution

    Used as a surveillance camera, this unnoticeable device can be placed in anonymous locations and then wired to a device such as your phone or laptop for quality, stealthy and uninterrupted viewing.

    This mini body camera can be worn or placed anywhere discreetly. With a trouble-free set of features to get you started, you can easily upload videos by inserting this as a flash drive, or simply have it charged, saving up much of your precious time. 

    Up to eight hours of storing and recording footage, remain carefree of any concerns regarding your speculation, this camera will, fortunately, record all ups and downs of the suspicious.

    Being a private investigator, you can certainly put your faith in this remarkable, trustworthy gadget. This is certain to have your case proved.


    • Wide range audio recording
    • Lightweight, easy to handle
    • 1080p & 720p camera quality


    • Cannot record well at night

    4. DIVINEEAGLE Spy Camera

    81+nIpDCsHL. AC SS450
    • Quick Plug and Play
    • Advanced DIVINEEAGLE technology
    • Protect Family and Personal Property
    • IQ Motion Detection with 130 points
    • Loop Recording and SD Card Protection

    This multifunctional device lets you be the eyes of any place anonymously by serving as a surveillance camera, nanny cam, or used for your very own private investigations flawlessly.

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    Appearing as a hidden camera in a USB device. Consisting of a 90-degree angle view and 1080p image quality, you are certified to keep a watchful eye over matters that concern you, or upon what is yours. You can even place this unnoticeable camera somewhere disclosed to others.

    Due to its remarkable IQ motion detector, it can detect people walking by and trip the motion, causing an alarm to go off, securing your valuables just as good as a guard could.

    Such a device can both charge and record at the same time. Being both PC and MacBook compatible, this camera helps you easily transfer recordings or pictures from your spy cam to your device in no time! Oh, and as a bonus, you receive your very own charging cable and an SD card reader.

    So start your journey now with this camera that is one of a kind and ultimately satisfactory.


    • Motion detection
    • 1080p quality
    • All-purpose


    • Low light interferes with motion detection

    5. SIRIGAWAIN Mini Spy Camera

    71PZKdzrFAL. AC SX466
    • Easy to Use
    • Hidden Small Camera
    • HD Day & Night Vision
    • Motion Detection & Recording
    • Supports SD cards from 2 to 32 GB (not included)

    The SIRIGAWAIN mini spy camera serves as an adaptable camera with more than one purpose. Used as a nanny cam, professional surveillance, action, and drone use, this marvelous mini camera is sure to satisfy all your needs at once.

    Consisting of HD day & night vision: this hidden mini camera boasts 1080p HD clarity, 12MP photos, 140° wide-angle lens, and night vision reaching 16’ with 6 invisible LEDs. Giving you a wider and vivid aspect of the environment which you may be dealing with.

    With Motion Detection & Recording to guide you in a resourceful investigation, sadly offering 60 minutes of battery run time this device can however turn on and record when it senses movement or record 24/7 when it is charging, simultaneously.

    But watch out! It supports SD cards with up to 2-32GB of space so make sure you avail yourself of the right ones before you mount your investigation.


    • Night Vision
    • Clear Imaging
    • Widespread Angle


    • Low battery life

    6. Kodak PIXPRO Digital Camera

    81Ho1rlGjdL. AC SS450
    • 5x optical zoom
    • 16 megapixels
    • 2.7″ Lcd screen
    • 720P HD video
    • 28mm wide-angle

    This delight’s 16.1-Megapixel CCD sensor gives you room to enlarge, zoom and crop out anything according to your heart’s will. Stay where you are! Because with this camera’s widespread 28mm wide-angle lens, there is no need for you to step back.

    Panning Shot mode allows you to capture a clear subject when it is in motion and loads of other scene modes provide you the best setting and exposure to capture great pictures in any circumstances.

    Face detection and auto-exposure detect facial features and enhance them for true subject highlighting. Blinking or smiling helps to detect foes who carry you to capture the perfect moment and with image stabilization as the main key, you shouldn’t worry about blurry pictures anymore.


    • Easy to use
    • Image Stabilization
    • Widespread Angle Recording


    • Poor audio recording

    7. KSADBOSSBO Body Camera

    • Security Nanny Cam
    • Portable affordable Camera
    • Loop Recording & Built-in Memory Card
    • Sports Recorder with Ultra-long Working Time
    • Mini Outdoor Camera is enhanced with Night Vision

    This company delivered by making a reliable body camera. This is easy to wear and can be incorporated in your dressing to be used as a video recorder as a cop guard, making law enforcement easier and transparent.

    It has a rotatable clip that can be adjusted by 360 degrees. This allows it to be mounted anywhere with ease, such as your collar, pocket, in your car, or your bike.

    Its button system makes it easy to operate. The lens operates at a broad field of view of 90 degrees, ensuring that it captures everything that is required.

    It also supports night vision, with four infrared LEDs that can detect up to 15 feet away in the dark to aid your midnight activities, because justice never sleeps.

    The camera is capable of recording smooth videos with its 30 frames per second capability and has a high resolution of 1080p that will deliver and leave you satisfied with the video quality.


    • Easy to use
    • Long battery life
    • Clear Imaging


    • Connectivity Issues with PC

    8. Sheawasy Camera Glasses

    51pS2iH5vGL. AC SX466
    • Eye Level Shot
    • Support Maximum 64GB TF card
    • Easy To Use And Long Battery Time
    • Full Hd 1080p Mini Camera and Unnoticeable Lens

    A long-awaited dream of any private investigator is no, fulfilled. Presenting you with the Sheawasy Camera Glasses, you can act well undercover without worrying about your suspects hiding behind a bush, allowing wearers to have video similar to their perspective and liking.

    This device consists of a full HD 1080p Mini Camera and Unnoticeable Lens, even if you talk face to face with your foe, he will hardly notice that he is being investigated. 

    It is easy to use and consists of long battery life, with a simple recording button, you can long-press for recording video, quick press for photo shooting.

    Also, with a built-in lithium rechargeable battery to assist you on the go, the camera has a max of 50-60 mins recording time. Easily connects the Glasses Camera to PC, to transfer the video files.

    Lastly, it has a sincere 12-month warranty as well to cater for your needs if in case you are anyway unsatisfied.


    • Up to 64GB of SD card usage
    • Excellent Audio Recording
    • Easy to use, undetectable


    • The camera quality is poor

    9. Lenofocus Mini Body Camera

    616JoPSNNBL. AC SS450
    • Easy to Operate
    • Long Time Recording
    • Small Size and Portable
    • High-definition 1080P Video
    • Supports up to 128GB micro SD card

    Starting with its HD 1080p resolution camera, you can set the mini body camera to record 1920x1080P or 1280x720P video by configuration, as per your liking.

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    The use of this camera is versatile, being easy to operate with a 3-button set, it also consists of a 560mAh rechargeable battery with which it can record about 3 hours with just one charge.

    Chargeable by a power bank, USB charger, or computer USB port. Easy to clip on, you can carry this mini camera anywhere stealthily. 

    Supporting up to 128GB of memory card, you can enjoy the pleasure of seamless loop recording with this camera, all with a fascinatingly clear audio recording.

    All with a guaranteed one-year warranty. Your suspects better are afraid of this small, resourceful device!


    • Easy to use
    • Dual-functionality
    • HD & resolution camera


    • Unreliable delivery

    10. SVWSUN Video Glasses

    616PjVFsnAL. AC SX466
    • HD 1080P CAMERA Glasses

    Giving you a much more comfortable and lightweight experience, these remarkable video glasses consist of HD 1080p video quality.

    Though it has a small battery life of up to 50 minutes, these glasses are sure to make the most out of them. Also consisting of a lithium polymer battery, be sure to stack up for an undisturbed investigation with fine audio recordings as well.

    Assuring you with a 12-month return policy, you needn’t worry about any error in your device, if so, receive a new one just as instantly!


    • Easy to use
    • Fair image quality


    • Blurry Images

    11. Blurams 2K Security Camera

    514Q oBHk7L. AC SS450
    • Smart Integration
    • Enhanced blurams App
    • Optional Cloud & Local Storage
    • 360°Coverage with 2K Resolution
    • Smart AI Detection & Instant Alerts

    The able Blurams security camera comes with 360°Coverage and high-quality 2K Resolution. The security camera tracks the motion, if detected, thanks to its built-in mechanism.

    It features an IR-CUT function to record videos with superb quality during the day, as well as at night. The camera comes with alert technology that keeps you updated in case any motion is detected, or any chatter is heard.

    It can also record 10 to 15-second videos to ensure the culprits may be caught on tape for solid evidence. The device can be linked to your phone for easy coverage and ease to view or share media.

    Its two-way audio allows you to record as well as play any sounds that may be required. 


    • Night vision
    • No SD card required
    • Amazing quality
    • Motion detection
    • Easy to set up the app


    • Audio recording is not as good
    • Only records 15 seconds after motion detection

    Buying Guide

    Well, the right choice may seem obvious when it comes to buying the products you need to aid your investigations, but it is absolutely vital to look into and understand the specifications to ensure the products you buy are well suited, adept to their job, and able to assist you in any and every way possible.

    • Inconspicuousness:

    In order to excel at your job, you will need to hide in plain sight and keep your equipment hidden too. For such purposes, we look for cameras that may look like everyday objects or even be hidden inside them.

    These may be hidden in glasses, buttons, or even chargers. In case you decide on using a regular camera, it is necessary that it is small and concealable.

    It’s important to ensure the lens of the camera is not visible, or whether it illuminates in the dark, or even reflects light when a flash is shined upon it, as these may blow your cover.

    • Dual functionality:

    Since spy cameras used in private investigations almost always come masked in the form of another useable object, they must be capable of performing both tasks with ease to avoid arousing suspicion.

    For example, a spy camera disguised as a clock should be good at recording videos as well as showing the time. Another specimen would be the wall socket camera, which would make a very convincing normal object if capable of both purposes of powering appliances and, well, spying.

    • Night vision: 

    Since private investigators are quite renowned for working at odd hours, this requires equipment that is adequately suited to their needs.

    This makes cameras with night vision a necessity for recording viewable videos in the dark. The infrared flash is important for getting the video quality you desire without alerting the person in question, being investigated. 

    • Motion detection:

    As a person may not be physically able to be present at different important places at once, it does not mean you cannot be aware digitally.

    Your adventures may require you to set up cameras at different spots for investigations. These are manufactured with sensors that only start recording when movement is detected, hence saving you the effort of going through the recordings that occur throughout the day, and saving your memory.

    These can also be optimized to notify you when movement occurs, so you are quick to react the next time someone special shows up to a somewhat special place.

    • Video quality and adjustability:

    The video quality may seem like the most obvious feature but that also makes it the most crucial. It is vital to find a camera capable of recording clear and distinguishable media.

    Many cameras focus on the “hidden” part, which leaves them with very little emphasis on the quality, leaving you with poor photos or videos.

    It is also important to see if the quality is adjustable, as it may be troublesome to keep recording at high quality all the time and have to adjust memory after every little while.


    So, there we have it! Your top ten go-to products in case your desk job left you bored with a lot left to desire, and you flipped the switch completely to become a private investigator, because why not?

    Do remember to go through the items and their specifications, cross-check these with your requirements and needs and ensure that the products you end up buying are well adapted to your needs.

    The reliable buying guide is there to make sure you are aware of the important features to look out for when getting into buying your first piece of equipment. Remember! Being a private investigator is not for the weak-hearted.

    Your investigations may take you to daunting places, uncover frightening truths, and intimidate you to the core. It is a skillful job indeed, but the first step of many, is always you are eligible for the task. This can be done with a simple diploma and the necessary pieces of equipment. Good luck!

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