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Spy cameras” or “Hidden cameras” are generally small cameras that are veiled and inconspicuous, and are used to record people without their knowledge. We will recommend you best hidden cameras for bathroom to record or see someone secretly.

These cameras could be concealed behind everyday objects like mirrors, clocks, motion detectors, or fire alarms and could even be disguised in the form of another substance like a pen, watch, or even a button on your shirt!

These spy cameras are used to record people, usually, without their consent, and can also be used as home security cameras.

The uses are vast. These are usually used for entertainment purposes like reality T.V shows, where the cameras are hidden from the target audience in order to get their raw and unrefined emotions or reactions during the show.

These are also used as legitimate surveillance devices to keep an eye on your house, or as “nanny cams” where they monitor the activities of caregivers back home, to ensure your children are being treated fairly and adequately the next time you go out for some peace and quiet with your loved one.

Oh and of course, if you want to live out your favorite James Bond movie in real life, all you need is a good spycam, a dashing tuxedo, and a handy Walther PPK pistol. (The gun was a joke)

The use of spycams without the consent and knowledge of the targeted person is a subject of controversy and a question of legality, with many laws under the Data Protection Act and Human Rights Act that affect its use. In the United States, using nanny cameras is legal in all fifty states but in 13 states it is prohibited to record audio without the target’s consent. Hence, friends! Please heed our warning and do not use these for unlawful purposes, otherwise, your James Bond flick may not have a very happy ending.

List of Best Hidden Cameras For Bathroom

Image Product PurposePrice
backpac LEXPERT HD Hidden Camera Best Hidden Spy Camera For BathroomCheck Price
backpac FUVISION High-Definition CameraBest Hidden Pen Camcorder Camera Check Price
backpac Hotfenlee Light Bulb CameraBest Hidden Light Bulb Camera For Bathroom Check Price
backpacArlo Essential Spotlight CameraBest Wireless Hidden Camera For Bathroom Check Price
backpacAREBI Spy Camera Best Hidden Nanny Camera For BathroomCheck Price
backpacJigayao Spy CameraBest Hidden Smoke Detector Camera Check Price
backpacJigayao Hidden Camera Clock  Best Hidden Spy Alarm Clock CameraCheck Price
backpacJigayao Spy Wall Clock Camera  Best Hidden Wall Clock Camera For BathroomCheck Price
backpacDIVINEEAGLE Mini Spy CameraBest Mini Hidden Camera For Bathroom Check Price
backpacSirgawain Mini Spy Camera Best Hidden Spy Camera With Night VisionCheck Price

1. LEXPERT HD Hidden Camera, USB Charger


This remarkable hidden spy camera comes in the form of your everyday USB Charger cube. It requires no special setting or complicated procedure to set up and can record without Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity.

Just plug the charger into the socket and it will start recording! Unplugging will result in a stoppage of recording. It also works with a power bank.

Media is recorded onto the SD Card and can easily be viewed by using a USB cable to connect it to the computer and see the contents.

This device is easily portable, can be used anywhere with the help of a power bank, and is ideal for monitoring staff at work, for protection against theft, keeping an eye on the elderly, children, servants, or nannies.

The spy camera comes with fully High-definition video quality of 1920 x 1080 pixels, with vibrant colors. It also boasts 30 frames per second smooth video available with audio recordings.

It also has an impressive and immersive 70 degrees wide viewing angle. It is capable of recording multiple videos, each a maximum of 3 minutes long. The spy camera also has two unique features:

  • Loop/continuous recording: The camera records in a loop on the SD Card, when storage fills up, it is capable of overwriting old data.
  • Motion recording: The camera only starts recording when it detects a stimulus, hence saving space and time.


  • The product is easy to setup
  • The camera is well hidden and inconspicuous
  • Has dual functionality, as a camera and a USB Cable


  • Does not support night vision

2. FUVISION High-Definition Pen Camcorder

41bv2+M05nL. AC SS450
  • Easy To Use
  • Premium Pen Design
  • Free 32GB Internal Memory
  • 1080P FHD Video Resolution
  • No Additional Software Request

Do not be fooled by the appearance of this simple-looking pen, it comes with a hidden camera design and a sliding lens cover that can be attached to a book cover or shirt to record valuable information you may need to hang onto in crucial moments.

Simply long-press the button for video and click twice to capture a photo. Its convenient design makes it easy to insert and remove SD cards, and to access the content inside.

It can be charged through a power bank, making it useful when portable, and can also record while charging. The package also comes with a free 32 GB Micro SD card to get you kickstarted on your spying experience!

The hidden spy camera has an excellent video resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, can take still photos, and has an excellent audio recording system.

Has a long battery life and is capable of recording continuously for 120 minutes at a time thanks to its built-in 400 mAh lithium battery. The model supports all video formats, has a rapid response and a wide-angle focus to ensure it gets the job done easily and smoothly!

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  • Free 32 GB SD card
  • Has dual-functionality
  • Excellent recorded video quality and sound
  • The camera is disguised well and hard to detect
  • The pen can be carried close to you for recording situations conveniently


  • Does not support night vision
  • Has no motion detecting feature

3. Hotfenlee 360 Light Bulb Camera

61m2myWK4AL. AC SS450
  • Simple installation
  • Wireless connection
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • HD camera and night vision function
  • Remote viewing and motion detection

This masterpiece of a camera from Hotfenlee is a Wide-Angle panoramic camera that does its job flawlessly. It caters to all your security needs and concerns by its 360° wide-angle rotation system that spins around to capture everything going around you.

The camera provides live video and playback options through its special app and comes with the option of sending you notifications on your device when an intruder is detected. This can prove vital in cases needing sudden action, to move your valuables or loved ones to safety.

The device is brilliant as a spy camera as well as a LED bulb, whose color and brightness can be adjusted via the app, which can be downloaded on your phone to make surveillance easier and at your fingertips.

It also boasts a high resolution of 1080 pixels, enabled with the night vision option that provides clear and distinguishable videos in the dark.

The camera also supports motion detection through its sensors, this allows it to start recording strictly when stimulated through movement in the area. A very special and rare feature that comes with this spy camera is its two-way audio function.

It is capable of recording audio with video and also has built-in speakers that can be programmed to play your desired audio simultaneously or at special timings. The spy camera works through an electrical connection.

It has easy wireless connectivity to WIFI to provide ease and is very convenient as a hidden security camera at home, office, areas of interest, or even as a device to spy on special meetings or people present in the room.


  • Good concept
  • Has night vision and audio recording available
  • Has dual function and performs both tasks well
  • The camera video quality and image quality are good


  • Installation is complicated and time-consuming
  • Only one mobile or iPad device can be connected to a live feed at a time

4. Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera

  • See more at night
  • Works with Alexa
  • Capture clearer details
  • Protection year-round
  • Coverage for every corner
  • Smarter alerts, the quicker action

While the Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera may not strictly be a spy camera, it certainly fills the category and requirements. Due to the small and discreet shape and size of this security camera, it is easy to keep it concealed from the target.

It sets the standard as the ideal security camera for home and business. It features 1080p High-Definition videos and is designed to capture even the most minute details in high quality, at a wide 130 degrees angle too.

It’s also capable of running for up to 6 months after recharging once thanks to its insane battery life. The Arlo Essential is also weather-resistant as it can maintain functionality even in the harshest conditions and is a wire-free surveillance camera that’s ideal for home and office use.

It features a built-in spotlight that allows you to see, recognize and track faces, cars, or number plates that may have appeared close to home frequently.

With the Arlo app, you can also ward off unwanted guests by activating the siren or integrated spotlight. With its 3 monthly security plan, you can also receive notifications for people, packages, and vehicles that are recognized by the camera.

The security camera comes with a dual audio function, allowing it to record as well as play sounds as needed. You can also communicate through this, making it perfect as a baby monitor, nanny cam, or just to prank your friends.

Its latest night vision system allows you to witness the recordings at night, in full color! Making it easier to detect faces and other spotlight features. Its wireless design makes setting up an easy task and also gives a neat and hidden impression when mounted on the wall or shelf.

The camera has a flawless, wireless WIFI connection and syncs perfectly to work with Alexa, google devices, and phones, making it easy to receive notifications and respond quickly.


  • Good picture and audio quality
  • Impressive colored night vision
  • Motion detection system available


  • The battery is not removable or replaceable

5. AREBI Hidden Spy Camera

51nHzfJKoJL. AC SX466
  • Simple to Use
  • IR Night Vision
  • Wide Angle View
  • Motion Activation
  • Excellent Live Stream Nanny Cam

The compact design and small size of this camera make it easy to hide and perfect for surveillance in your office or house. It can be hidden effortlessly behind plants, pictures, frames, and other stuff. The camera promises and delivers good video quality.

The videos are a high resolution of 1080p and aided further by the 150 degrees wide camera angle, it captures things brilliantly with a large scope of the surroundings. The camera is also fully compatible with all android and iOS devices. 

The camera also comes with very useful features like Playback, snapshot, and remote recording features.  It is also motion-activated via built-in sensors and supports infrared night vision with no glow features in the night, making it a concealed piece of equipment.

Its design of six infrared IR lights covers a range of 5 meters, meanwhile, the motion sensors detect activity and instantly send push notifications for a quick response.

The camera can record and charge simultaneously, allowing you to plug it into a USB cable and not worry about the battery draining at all.

It also has a free app that makes supervision easier, allows multiple cameras to be managed from one app, or conversely, allows multiple screens to be set up in different devices from one camera.

The battery life is large and exquisite at 300mAh and can be plugged into a battery pack of up to 10,000mAh for even longer use. 


  • IR night vision
  • Motion-activated
  • One app for multipurpose
  • Small size and easy to hide
  • Good resolution and day or night
  • Magnetic back to affix on metal surfaces


  • Difficult installation
  • Battery life is low on its own
  • Some cases of purple hue affect color correctness

6. Jigayao Smoke Detector Spy Camera

613ZGZwzq L. AC SS450
  • Night Vision
  • Motion Detection
  • HD 1080P Resolution
  • Spy Camera Application

This spy camera comes in the shape of a smoke detector device. It is easy to mount on a wall or ceiling, right next to the target, and will remain unnoticed.

It is compatible with the “Tuya Smart” app that is a reliable platform for many other smart home surveillance systems. It also allows multiple screens at a time via a single camera.

The camera can be accessed by any android or iOS device and has a wireless 2.4GHz WIFI connection hence can be connected to your router to access real-time videos anywhere, anytime, according to your own convenience.

The camera is equipped with a top-notch motion detection system, which captures three images at a time when the stimulus is detected and sends instant push notifications to keep you updated and alert.

It also comes with four high-quality infrared lights, which work to improve the quality of media during the night or evenings, for your well-being. These lights are undetectable by the human eye and hence, prevent the arousal of suspicion.

The battery support lasts four hours after fully charged and comes with the function of usage during charge as well.

The video quality is high, standing at 1080p with a 90 degrees wide-angle lens to allow a broad view of the surrounding. The camera supports loop recording and allows live view, snapshot, or remote recording options for viewing media.


  • Easy to set-up
  • Great video quality
  • Great concept and not easy to detect
  • Plugged-in use allows 24/7 surveillance
  • Great night vision with no glow features


  • Does not support the audio
  • Does not have the dual function of a smoke detector

7. Jigayao Hidden Camera Alarm Clock

61oGkT onDL. AC SS450
  • Motion Detection
  • Great Customer Service
  • Night Vision & HD 1080P
  • WiFi Hidden Clock Camera
  • Latest version & Easy to set up

This spy camera comes disguised as a simple clock. It has the dual function of working well as a camera as well as a clock that tells the time.

The lens of the spycam is well hidden under the glossy screen of the clock and is hard to detect, making this an excellent concealed piece of equipment. Like the one above, this camera can be accessed via the Tuya Smart app for your ease and convenience.

The camera comes with a built-in motion detection system that captures photos or videos when movement is detected and instantly sends push notifications as an alarm. These can be viewed in real-time and saved on the SD card. 

The camera has a very high quality of 1920 x 1080p and allows you to see all the details in high resolution.

It is also armed with twelve-night vision infrared lights! These allow you to monitor easily when something happens, even on the darkest nights. The camera also features a no-glow system that keeps it camouflaged even on the darkest nights.

This wireless camera supports a 2.4 GHz WIFI connection and can be connected to android as well as iOS systems. The app allows multiple screens for viewing through one camera.


  • IR night vision activated
  • Motion detection activated
  • Easy and convenient set-up
  • Professional and helpful after-sale service
  • Comes with a dust cloth, rest pin, finger crowbar, USB charging cable, manual


  • Does not support the audio function of recording or playing

8. Jigayao Spy Wall Clock Camera

614DZt02LXL. AC SX466
  • 1080P HD VIDEO

This spy camera comes in the special form of a wall clock. Its diameter is 8.7 inches and comes with dual-functionality. The clock can be hung on the wall or made to stand on a table or shelf.

The lens inside is well hidden and completely concealed during recording. This app is also connected by the Tuya Smart app.

The clock comes with wireless WIFI support and media can be seen live or as a recording anytime, anywhere even if you are far away from home.

The spy wall clock camera is quite easy to set up, the app has an EZ mode that takes merely 2 minutes to complete the connection. You can monitor via phones or iPads with ease.

With 1080P HD video, high-quality lens, and true color video, this camera proves to be one of the greatest, allowing complete supervision of precisely what’s going on whenever you’re not in your house.

Not only does it have superb video quality, but the wall clock camera also detects nearby motion as well, with its adjustable motion detection frequency.

This saves you the hassle of going through hours’ worth of media just to find the recording that’s needed and saves precious memory.

It can identify people entering your homes, offices, and apartments by taking pictures or videos right at the spot and conveying it to cell phones. It has a battery function of 5 hours after charging.


  • Dual function
  • Motion detection Mode
  • Excellent customer support
  • Discreet and hidden in plain sight
  • Real view and charge supported recording


  • Does not have night vision
  • Does not record or play audio

9. DIVINEEAGLE Spy Camera Charger

81+nIpDCsHL. AC SS450
  • Quick Plug and Play
  • Advanced DIVINEEAGLE technology
  • IQ Motion Detection with 130 points
  • Protect Family and Personal Property
  • Loop Recording and SD Card Protection

This company realized the sad reality in which it’s hard to trust people. So, they took matters into their own hands and developed the perfect spy camera, in the shape of a mere charger.

This camera is concealed and well hidden, no one will ask questions when you place it in front of them to “charge” your phone, which is also possible thanks to its dual functionality.

It gives a high resolution of 1080p at a 90 degrees wide viewing angle. The camera does not require any special connections or procedures to work and can easily get down to business after inserting just an SD card.

It has a powerful motion detection feature with 130 points, allowing it to pick up the slightest movements, and meanwhile, the loop recording feature automatically overwrites old data to keep the camera functional. The surge multi-protection function also works to prevent SD cards from corruption.


  • 24/7 surveillance 
  • Good media quality
  • No complicated setup
  • Well concealed design


  • No night vision function
  • Does not support live streaming

10. Sirgawain Mini Spy Camera

71PZKdzrFAL. AC SS450
  • Easy to Use
  • Hidden Small Camera
  • HD Day & Night Vision
  • Motion Detection & Recording
  • Supports SD cards from 2 to 32 GB (not included)

This small camera is perfect for keeping an eye on nannies, workers, employees, children, security, and professional surveillance.

It can be concealed and put anywhere you would require its function, even on your own body. The camera provides 1080p clear videos and 12-megapixel photos with clarity.

It has a 140 degrees wide-angle lens and can work well during the day as well as in the dark thanks to 6 invisible LEDs.

The battery provides 60 minutes of work but can function 24/7 when plugged in. It keeps surveillance straightforward and easy by recording only when motion is detected. The camera supports 2 to 32 GB SD cards and comes with loop recording functions.


  • Night vision
  • Stunning media quality
  • Motion detection feature
  • 360 degrees camera rotation


  • Battery life is low on its own

Buying Guide

Finding a good spycam has many factors to it. To ensure your camera records videos of good quality and is inconspicuous to the naked eye, we have compiled a few important features to look out for!

  • Video quality and adjustability

The video quality may seem like the most obvious feature but that also makes it the most crucial. It is vital to find a camera capable of recording clear and distinguishable media. Many cameras focus on the “hidden” part, which leaves them with very little emphasis on the quality, leaving you with poor photos or videos.

It is also important to see if the quality is adjustable, as it may be troublesome to keep recording at high quality all the time and have to adjust memory after every little while.

  • Motion detection

Spy cameras with motion detection are precious for security purposes. These are manufactured with sensors that only start recording when movement is detected, hence saving you the effort of going through the recordings that occur throughout the day, and saving your memory.

These can also be optimized to notify you when movement occurs, so you are quick to react the next time someone tries to steal your precious crown jewels.

  • Audio Recordings

Due to a question of legality, many spy cameras are not equipped with the function of recording audio. However, if you are looking into buying one that does, it is important to look into the specifications of the model you’re interested in buying or ask the dealer to ensure your needs are fulfilled with your purchase.

  • Inconspicuousness

What differentiates spy cameras from normal security cameras is their ability to hide in plain sight. We look for cameras that may look like everyday objects or even be hidden inside them. These may be hidden in teddy bears, wall sockets, or even coat hangers.

It’s important to ensure the lens of the camera is not obviously visible, or whether it illuminates in the dark, or even reflects light when a flash is shined upon it. 

  • Double functionality

Since spy cameras almost always come masked in the form of another useable object, it is imperative that they are capable of performing both tasks with ease to avoid arousing suspicion. For example, a spy camera disguised as a clock should be good at recording videos as well as showing the time.

Another specimen would be the wall socket camera, which would make a very convincing normal everyday object if capable of both purposes of powering appliances and, well, spying.

  • Night vision

Last but not least, spy cameras with night vision are a necessity for recording viewable videos in the dark. These are also vital features of outdoor or even indoor hidden security cameras. The infrared flash is important for getting the video quality you desire without alerting the intruder.

As you can see, there are many features to look out for when looking for the perfect spy camera. Luckily, we have already gone through the painstaking process of compiling the best spy cameras the internet has to offer because we love our viewers. So, let’s not waste more time and dive right into it!


So, there we have it, ladies and gentlemen! 10 of the best functioning, sneaky, and useful hidden spy cameras compiled for your convenience.

Remember to check the features and specifications of any camera you are considering buying to ensure it is well optimized for your needs. These cameras can be very useful for surveillance of nannies, workers, or children if you want to catch them during the act without them knowing about a hidden camera.

However, if that use is a bit slow for your need and you like living life on the edge, why not use a pen spy camera or even a charger camera to secretly record and uncover the mysterious plans of the worldwide villain association!?

As fun as these may sound, recording people without their consent is strictly forbidden in many countries, if not states. Hence please look into your laws and regulations before purchase, otherwise, the only person to end up in jail wouldn’t just be the bad guy!