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How Much Does a Maternity Photo Shoot Cost?

    How Much Does a Maternity Photo Shoot Cost

    What is Maternity Photo Shoot?

    Maternity photoshoots are one of the most popular types of photography today similar to newborn photography, with more and more parents opting to preserve their pregnancy in pictures as opposed to only keeping it in their memories.

    While these pictures are an important way to remember your pregnancy, they’re also great tools you can use in the future if you have trouble getting pregnant again or if you have children from other relationships that you want to include in your family photos.

    If you’re thinking about investing in maternity photos, here’s how much does a maternity photo shoot costs, plus where to go and what details you should know.

    Do I Really Need Pregnancy Photos?

    There are three times in life when you should definitely invest in professional photos: your wedding, your baby shower, and pregnancy.

    You may be getting ready to shoot those photos soon (you’ve probably already started to notice changes) or it might be something that’s still down on your list of priorities.

    Either way, it can make sense to plan ahead so you don’t forget anything important or end up spending more than necessary. So how much do maternity photos cost?

    It all depends on where you live and what type of photographer you use! Let’s take a look at how much maternity photography costs as well as some alternatives for saving money if hiring a professional is out of reach right now.

    Once I get into specifics, feel free to skip around—there is useful information on whether or not having a pro is on your radar right now!

    Real Reason Why Women Want To Take Pregnancy Photos

    For years, women have enjoyed documenting their pregnancies by taking pictures of themselves at different stages.

    Most women wait until they are about 14 weeks pregnant to take these types of photos and usually do so in maternity clothing.

    The reason why so many women decide to document their pregnancy by taking pictures is mainly due to what other women think; most say that it’s something they’ve always wanted to do, while others say it’s just something they feel like doing.

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    So what is really going on in a woman’s mind when she decides to take maternity pictures during her pregnancy?

    Do most moms-to-be really want to do it or are they pressured into doing it because of friends and family members saying that they should do it?

    Types of Pregnancy Photo Shoots to Choose From

    There are three main types of pregnancy photo shoots that expectant parents can choose from first-trimester, second-trimester and third-trimester. The first trimester is typically considered to be between week 4 and week 12.

    During that time, it’s usually recommended to wait two weeks after your missed period before you see a doctor, just in case of an early or false-positive result.

    That gives you ample time to schedule your initial consultation with your doctor and set up any necessary tests or screenings.

    The second-trimester photo shoot session will happen around week 20. For most women, their belly starts to look more like a baby bump around that time.

    Last but not least, there’s also the third-trimester photo shoot at 40 weeks when things really start popping out!

    The third-trimester photo shoot tends to take place on location somewhere outdoors as opposed to inside a studio because babies tend to pop out at different times during labour; setting up for an indoor photo shoot limits how many options photographers have.

    First-, second-and third-trimester photo shoots may overlap slightly since some women go into labour earlier than they expected. Babies tend to come late too sometimes too!

    4 Tips When Choosing A Maternity Photographer

    1. Determine How Important Photography Is For You:

    There are all kinds of variables that go into how much you pay for photos, from your location to what type of experience you want, to whether or not you’re pregnant for a second time and want new photos for your family.

    Asking yourself what photography means to you, beyond just picture-taking, can help guide your decision making.

    2. Find The Right Photographer:

    Now that we have some idea of what photography means to us—if only that it’s more than just a photo shoot—we can start looking around to find our own photographers. But first, let’s consider a few guidelines on finding them.

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    First, ask friends and acquaintances who they might use if they were in need of photos like yours.

    Word-of-mouth referrals are an invaluable way to find great local professionals because people tend to be honest about who they like and why they chose them (and why they didn’t choose others).

    Second, review portfolios before talking with potential candidates so you can get an idea of their work (look at their professional website as well as personal social media accounts).

    Don’t hesitate to reach out if you feel you’ve found someone whose work is aligned with what’s important to you.

    3. Think About The Team, Too:

    Your photographer will likely rely on other experts to help bring your vision to life, like makeup artists and stylists.

    These professionals can be just as important as your photographer when it comes to achieving your vision and desired look, so don’t forget to factor them into your budgeting process.

    4. Put All Of This Together To Get An Estimate:

    Now that we have an idea of what type of photographer we want to use, how important photography is to us, and whom we might call on for help in making our vision come to life, it’s time to get an estimate!

    Average Price Range For Maternity Photo Shoots

    $500 – $1,500+; For those who want to splurge, expect to spend anywhere from $500 to $1,500 or more on maternity photo shoots.

    The cost of your shoot will depend on whether you want them taken at a professional photography studio or in a natural setting, how long you’re willing to wait for pictures and how much work you want to be done on them after they’re taken.

    In most cases, photographers require that you choose an album type (photo books tend to be pricier than prints) and have extras like an external drive of images made.

    Another expense is paying for time spent editing photos as it typically takes several hours to touch up each picture. On average, expect to pay about $2 per photo printed.

    Another thing you might consider is hiring a photographer with experience taking photos of pregnant women so they know what poses look best—it can take quite a bit of practice getting used to holding certain poses.

    Many photo sessions are broken into two-hour chunks during which time moms-to-be will either pose nude (or semi-nude) or use different types of props.

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